When history is written ......

Living in the UK all of his life, Luky was born to Czech mother and English father. He began playing after hearing some friends play together at school, thought it sounded cool and they were in need of a bass player. He mainly played rock and metal covers with them but later disbanded due to leaving the school. He studied music at GCSE and now studies it at college. By age 15 he started listening to a variety of music like progressive rock and metal and death metal, being hooked to the latter after hearing death’s 1991 release ‘human’ and their 1988 album ‘Leprosy’. He cites his main influence on the bass from John Myung of Dream Theater, Alex Webster of Cannibal Corpse, Geddy Lee of Rush and Steve DiGiorgio. Luky mainly plays 6 string bass having been inspired by Dream Theater to do so and plays Ibanez SR six string bass, Boss  ODB-3 overdrive pedal and uses Harley Benton bass preamp pedal.

Nothing Can Stop Them