When history is written ......

Being born in the UK and having moved abroad Zack first picked up the guitar at age 10. Zack studied classical guitar when he was 13. Having formed a band at age 14 with some mates playing old school rock and metal covers, very soon discovering his love for melodic and power metal. A genre not know to this individual. By age 16 he managed to gain some recognition from local magazines and the underground movement. Having moved back to the Uk at age 18 he managed to expand his musical knowledge through doing various courses. At age 24 he tried to join a power metal band but was unsuccessful. Having search high and low finally finding a line up in search of a guitarist. His main influence is finish and Swedish metal also Malaysia rock metal bands where he comes from and generally heavy music. His main instrument he uses is a Jackson rr24. A blu guitar amp 1 amp head and a Hughes and Kettner 2 x1. Also a boss super chorus ch1.

Nothing Can Stop Them