When history is written ......

Kyle Blanchard – Morphyl Hate Lead Guitar. Born in the UK with a German heritage, Kyle’s love for playing guitar started at age 14 after listening to and being heavily inspired by Metallica and Trivium. Which then lead him to pursue studies in 2 colleges learning both performance and music technology with his favourite album Shogun by Trivium to keep him inspired and focused to pass his courses and aim towards finding a band of his own to be a part of. He joined a couple of bands through college but due to different paths they disbanded but that didn’t stop him. He kept practicing whilst living an everyday working life and listening to his inspirations, Matt Heathy from Trivium, Charles Casewell from Berried Alive, Tim Henson from Polythia and Craig Gowens from Bleed from within. Kyle has also used his skills in various projects such as creating solo songs ranging from heavy metal to lo-fi and created songs for youtubers and music adverts for Instagram. Kyle’s choice of guitar to play is the 8 string as his main guitar which he obtained a passion for after hearing Charles Casewell from Berried Alive play. Currently Kyle is now listening to more heavier bands such as To the Grave and Bleed from Within which continue to expand his creativity, inspiration and musical skills.

Nothing Can Stop Them