When history is written .......

Mo is a vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and composer from China. On the vocal side, she was very lucky to able to do various types of metal vocal naturally, which is probably a genetics thing as her mother was also able to do so, and they had fun doing it in home all the time without realizing what it is, until she accidentally discovered Metal. She started off with practicing a lot of highs as the first subgenre she discovered was black metal, then found out about more subgenres and fell in love with death and doom metal, particularly technical death.

On the instrumental side, she started playing classical piano since 4 years old and it’s been about 17 years. About 10 years ago she started playing traditional instruments, then self-learned guitar, a bit of violin and bass. She has absolute pitch and been able to play the music that have only heard once since the age of 6.

She played in one of the largest theatres in China, and started sing on the street with an acoustic guitar after came to London. She also played in some small venues in China years ago and a few charity gigs in London which are hard to remember in detail, but one thing she will never forget is that she was lucky enough to be allowed to play on the piano that Beethoven used to play in his Pasqualati House in Germany!

The gears for microphone she uses are Shure sm58-LC and sennheiser e825s. As for guitars, most of them she owned were Ibanez.

Her favorite metal bands are obscura, Nile, defeated sanity, morbid angel,quo vadis etc.. She also loved classical, rock and many other genres, for which her favorites include Liszt, Chopin, Luigi Mozzani, led zeppelin, Black Sabbath, the velvet underground, the doors…

She is also a composer and writing her own of classical and metal music. She was searching for a right band with right people for very long time, and now she’s very proud to sing and write songs together with lovely members of Morphyl Hate!

Nothing Can Stop Them