When history is written ......

Jerome was previously based in Paris and was the founder member of Morphyl-Hate
In September 1996 Jerome came to the United Kingdom with the sole objective of re-forming Morphyl Hate with new musicians and to then perform throughout the UK, aiming to seek a record contract and produce further new material.
The philosophy behind Morphyl Hate and Jerome is to create original, technical music which shows an unusual but highly regarded standard of musicianship.
The aim is to be “specialised” and creative and to be specifically labelled as one type of music only.
From my first interviews with Jerome (Morphyl Hate), he has always proved to be a dedicated and highly professional individual, who by his very essence has what it takes to achieve highly within the musical Industry.
Listen to the material, talk to Jerome and you will soon see, as I did, that he is very strong, influencing person with a well defined objective in his life.
I am sure that once spotted he will be on his way.
M P Knight
(Former Agent-Morphyl Hate)

Nothing Can Stop Them