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Of Morphyl Hate

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Extreme Metal, unpolished and rough, the legendary band Morphyl Hate lets  loose on the headbang-mad metal scene with the re-release of  Inhalation Of V. The album, which almost has a certain cult character, has a sound-technically absolute demo character and is characterized by an ultra-brutal Death Metal sound. One thing should be said in advance:  Morphyl Hate are Retro as Fuck! The band from France, which was christened in 1991 and with releases such as today’s  Inhalation Of V.  (1993 and remastered 2012) or a contribution to the Appointment With Fear Vol. 3Samplers made a name for themselves, received great acclaim during their careers in France, Switzerland and Germany. Right from the start: Antoine Da Costa (vocals), Christophe Ragot (lead guitar) Franck Bernhardt (bass guitar) and last but not Least Jerome Dehedin (drums). At their zenith,  Morphyl Hate  with  Inhalation Of V. achieved  great popularity within the French metal scene. Morphyl Hate achieved national fame  with the song  H. Reflection on the internationally available sampler  Appointment With Fearand thanks to a promo CD received acclaim from the international metal scene and radio stations, including Germany, France, Switzerland and others. The high point of their career should be a gig in 1995. Thanks to the recommendation of  SDG Warhead Productions ,  Morphyl Hate performed as a special guest  together with  Atrocity and  Crematory in the context of a show that was to be part of their European tour.

In terms of craftsmanship, what  Morphyl Hate did on their demo album Inhalation Of V. almost thirty years ago is  nothing more than unpolished and technically neatly pounding Death Metal, as it was already known at the beginning of the 1990s. The musicians throw their instruments uncompromisingly and without being squeamish! Let’s start with the title track and let us be drawn into the world of  Morphyl Hate . 28 years ago something was recorded here that could be described as a kind of loudness war. There was a time when the head-to-head race in Death Metal was big, who plays faster? Who more brutal? Who harder? and who louder? First of all, starting with a well-structured riffing avalanche, playing Morphyl Hate here is a rollercoaster between mid-tempo and decent speed. The drums are only thrashed and the singer also knows his trade and just roars down the lyrical content. Are those power chords that are being played, or is it more like the whole band doing power here? It sounds as if they are desecrating their instruments and I don’t mean that in a negative way, because in terms of composition and dexterity,  Morphyl Hate certainly have their qualities to offer and play honest and handmade Death Metal from the very beginning . The band understands their craft and the demo character of the production does the rest.

Unpunished aggression sounds exactly as it was called! As if  Morphyl Hate were letting their aggressions run free and in doing so they proceed on the one hand unrestrained and on the other hand well structured in some places. Whether the name says it all at  Fear Epilepsy  ? Because it sounds like the musicians really have an epileptic fit. In any case, their instruments are so stressed and beaten in a speed frenzy that many a Death Metal formation would turn green with envy. Morphyl Hate were definitely spot on in their genre, because the rough and nowadays already old-school Death Metal-heavy sound, which Messrs.  Da Costa, Ragot, Bernhardt  and Presenting Dehedin  here is reminiscent of legends like Deicide and the like  .

With  Violence Of Ashes ,  Morphyl Hate also hit the pedals powerfully and deliver an uncompromising work, in which headbang orgies and stiff neck are guaranteed. Morphyl Hate are exactly what many write about the beginnings of the Death Metal scene: A band that has mastered their craft, but still whistles for glossy productions. Even with  Violence Of Ashes , the French do not make any compromises and play general Death Metal, which was perfectly implemented by the individual musicians.

Also  Intrinsic skin the same line, this play  Morphyl Hate with an absolute speed, so you might think the same exploding the membrane of the speaker. Technically precise and clattering properly, Morphyl Hate pull  through a program with which they pay tribute to traditional and extreme metal.

As the crowning glory of their  Inhalation Of V.  ep, there is  Exhibition Of Suffering on the ears, which captivates with precise guitar and bass riffs and in which the drummer literally destroys his drums. One thing is for sure:  Morphyl Hate are good for headbang orgies and have Death Metal in their blood. The charming demo recording, which makes the sound of  Inhalation Of V.  , comes across extremely trve, although one would also like to find out how  Morphyl Hate would sound with a clean production.

The world of Death Metal has changed and developed a lot in the past three decades without losing the essence of its origins. But if you like it puristic in the style of  Deicide or  Death , you are in good hands here. Death Metal in its puristic and early form!

Conclusion 8 out of 10: Death Metal at it’s Best! If you feel like a time capsule of the genre,  Inhalation Of V.  by  Morphyl Hate is the best choice .